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Justin Farrell

Prof. Dr.

Justin Farrell

Date of birth 28 December 1983

Place Cheyenne, WY, United States of America (America)

Nomination 17 January 2023

Field Sociology

Title Professor

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Justin Farrell is a professor and author at Yale University.  His research focuses on cultural sociology and environmental politics. Mostly epistemologies and power. He blends ethnographic fieldwork with large-scale computational techniques from network science and machine learning. His scholarly work has been published by Science, Princeton University Press, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Climate Change, the American Sociological ReviewEnvironmental Research LettersSocial Problems, and funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation. 

His books and articles have won national scholarly awards, and he regularly presents to policymakers, including the U.S. Senate, the United Nations, the Vatican, and in major media outlets such as the New York Times, The EconomistNew York Review of BooksLA TimesNPRWashington Post, HBO, and the Financial Times. Justin is a proud first-generation college grad and Wyoming native. He splits time between western Wyoming, Denver, and New Haven.

Academic Books

Farrell, Justin. 2020. Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West. Princeton University Press.

Farrell, Justin. 2015. The Battle for Yellowstone: Morality and the Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict. Princeton University Press.

*Outstanding Book Award, Winner, American Sociological Association AMSS
*Outstanding Book Award, Honorable Mention, American Sociological Assoc., Environmental Sociology *Outstanding Academic Title, Choice, American Library Association
*The Economist: “most original political book of early 2015”.

Research Articles (*graduate student co-authors)

Farrell, Justin, Paul Burow*, Kathryn McConnell*, Jude Bayham, Kyle Whyte, Gal Koss. 2021 “Effects of land dispossession and forced migration on Indigenous peoples in North America” Science 374(6567); Mueller, J. T., McConnell, K.*, Burow, P. B.*, Pofahl, K.*, Merdjanoff, A. A., Farrell, J. 2021. Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on rural America. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(1); Burow, Paul*, Kathryn McConnell*, and Justin Farrell. 2019. “Social Scientific Research on the American West: Current Debates, Novel Methods, and New Directions” Environmental Research Letters 14(12); Farrell, Justin, Kathryn McConnell*, Robert Brulle. 2019. “Evidence-based Strategies to Combat Scientific Misinformation” Nature Climate Change 9:191-195; Farrell, Justin. 2019. “The Growth of Climate Change Misinformation in U.S. Philanthropy: Evidence from Natural Language Processing” Environmental Research Letters 14(3) (Best Article Award, Winner (for all disciplines, all articles in 2019), Environmental Research Letters); Farrell, Justin. 2016. “Corporate Funding and Ideological Polarization about Climate Change” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(1), 92-97 (*Best Article Award, honorable mention, American Sociological Association SKAT; *Best Article Award, honorable mention, American Sociological Association CITAMS); Farrell, Justin. 2016. “Network Structure and Influence of the Climate Change Counter-Movement” Nature Climate Change 6(4), 370-374; Farrell, Justin. 2015. “Echo Chambers and False Certainty.” Nature Climate Change 5:719-720; McVeigh, Rory, David Cunningham, Justin Farrell. 2014. “Political Polarization as a Social Movement Outcome: 1960s Klan Activism and Its Enduring Impact on Political Realignment in Southern Counties, 1960-2000.” American Sociological Review 79(6): 1144-1171 (*Best Article Award, winner, American Sociological Assoc., Collective Behavior and Social Movements); Farrell, Justin. 2014. “Moral Outpouring: Shock and Generosity in the Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill.” Social Problems 61(3):482-506 (*Marvin E. Olsen Paper Award, American Sociological Assoc. Environmental Sociology); Farrell, Justin. 2013. “Environmental Activism and Moral Schemas: Cultural Components of Differential Participation.” Environment and Behavior 45(3): 399-423; Farrell, Justin. 2011. “The Young and the Restless? The Liberalization of Young Evangelicals.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50: 517-532; Farrell, Justin. 2011. “The Divine Online: Civic Organizing, Identity Building, and Internet Fluency among Different Religious Groups.” Journal of Media and Religion 10(2):73-90. 

Professional Address

School of the Environment
Yale University