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Rocco Buttiglione


Rocco Buttiglione

Date of birth 06 June 1948

Place Gallipoli, Lecce, Italy (Europe)

Nomination 19 January 1994

Field Philosophy

Title Professor of Philosophy, Instituto de Filosofia Edith Stein, Granada (Spain)

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Most important awards, prizes and academies
Honorary degree in Philosophy: May 1994, Lublin Catholic University, Poland; Council Member of the Pontifical Commission Justitia et Pax (1984-1991); Honorary Professor of Mendoza University; Member of the editorial council of several Italian and international magazines. Courses and Seminars: Prof. Buttiglione has held courses and seminars at the Pontifical Institute for the Family and Marriage in Rome, the University of Rome (La Sapienza), the University of Urbino, the University of Teramo, the Catholic University of Lublin and many other universities and research centres.

Summary of scientific research
Buttiglione studied Law at the Universities of Turin and Rome, where in 1970 he obtained a degree with a thesis in the History of Political Doctrines. From the beginning of his career he has shared the experience of the Movement of Communion and Liberation founded by Msgr. Luigi Giussani. In 1972-78 he studied abroad and taught at the Universities of Rome and Urbino. From 1978 his interests started to expand into Polish culture and the philosophical personalism of the Lublin school, and especially that of Karol Wojtyla. In this period Buttiglione wrote many articles clarifying the distinctions between Marxism and Christian doctrine. In 1982 he published two books: the first about the mind and philosophy of Karol Wojtyla and the second about the new philosophy of human labour which underlies the Encyclical Laborem Exercens. In recent years he has promoted many schools of social doctrine both in Italy and abroad. He has been invited to lecture at several seminars in universities and cultural institutions. He has been head chair of political philosophy and political science at Teramo University and at S. Pio V University in Rome. He has been a Member of Parliament since 1994. He has been Minister for European Affairs (2001-2005), Minister of Culture (2006) and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies (until 2013). He did not run for office in the last elections and went back to teaching and scientific research.

Main publications
Twelve books, more than 130 scientific essays (on philosophy and cultural topics, many in five different languages) and more than 100 articles in the national and international press. His most important publications are: Dialettica e Nostalgia, Jaca Book, 1978; La crisi dell'economia marxista e gli inizi della Scuola di Francoforte, Studium, 1979; Il pensiero di Karol Wojtyla, Jaca Book, 1982; L'uomo e il lavoro, CSEOBibl., 1982; Metafisica della conoscenza e politica in S. Tommaso D'Aquino, CSEOBibl., 1985; L'uomo e la Famiglia, Dino Ed., 1991; La crisi della morale, Dino Ed., 1991; Augusto Del Noce: Biografia di un pensiero, Piemme, 1991; Il problema politico dei cattolici. Dottrina sociale e modernità, Piemme, 1993; Respuesta (amistosa) a los criticismos de Amoris Laetitia, Granada, Nuevo Inicio 2018; Die Wahrheit Im Menschen, Springer 2019. Some of these publications have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Polish, and English.

Professional Address

Instituto de Filosofía Edith Stein
Paseo de Cartuja 49
18011 Granada

Freedom of Religion in Italy. Problems and Challenges (PDF) 2011

Comment (PDF) 2010

Freedom of Conscience and Religion as Fundamental Human Rights. A Commentary (PDF) 2009

Comment (PDF) 2008

Comment (PDF) 2007

The Anthropology of Karol Wojtyla Has Two Main Features (PDF) 2005