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Partha Sarathi Dasgupta


Partha Sarathi Dasgupta

Date of birth 17 November 1942

Place Dacca, East Bengal, India (Asia)

Nomination 22 December 1997 - 08 June 2020 (Former Academician)

Field Economics

Title Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge, and Professor of Environmental and Development Economics, University of Manchester

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Most important awards, prizes and academies
Fellow, Econometric Society, 1975; Fellow, British Academy, 1989; Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1991; Foreign Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1991; Foreign Associate, US National Academy of Sciences, 2001; Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences, 2001; Fellow, Royal Society, 2004; Foreign Member, American Philosophical Society, 2005; Foreign Member, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, 2009; Member, Academia Europaea, 2009; Fellow, Association for the Advancement of Economic Theory, 2015; Fellow, Association of Environmental and Resource Economics. Honorary Fellow, London School of Economics, 1994;  Trinity College, Cambridge, 2010; Honorary Member, American Economic Association, 1997; Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large, Cornell University, 2007-2013. President, European Economic Association, 1999; President, Royal Economic Society, 1998-2001; President, Section F (Economics), BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science) Festival of Science, 2006; President, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2010-2011. Volvo Environment Prize 2002 (joint with K.-G. Mäler); Co-recipient (with G.M. Heal) of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists "Publication of Enduring Quality Award 2003" for Economic Theory and Exhaustible Resources (Cambridge University Press, 1979); International Society for Ecological Economics Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award (Biennial), 2004 (joint with K.-G. Mäler); John Kenneth Galbraith Award 2007, American Agricultural Economics Association; Co-recipient (with E. Maskin) of the Kempe Foundation-European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics-Umea University biennial Erik Kempe Award, 2007, for the article, "Uncertainty and Hyperbolic Discounting", American Economic Review, 2005, 95(4), 1290-1299. Zayed International Environment Prize, 2011; Blue Planet Prize, 2015; Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, 2016; European Lifetime Achievement Award in Environmental Economics, European Association for Environmental and Resource Economics, 2014. Knight Bachelor (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Honours List, 2002, for "services to economics"). Doctor, Honoris Causa: Wageningen University, 2000; Catholic University of Louvain, 2007; Faculté Universitaire Saint-Louis, 2009; University of Bologna, 2010; Harvard University, 2013; University of York, 2017.

Main publications
Economic Theory and Exhaustible Resources (with G.M. Heal), James Nisbet and Cambridge University Press, 1979; The Control of Resources, Basil Blackwell (Oxford), Harvard University Press (Cambridge, Mass.) and Oxford University Press (Delhi) 1982; Economic Organizations as Games (co-editor with K. Binmore), Basil Blackwell (Oxford), 1986; The Economics of Bargaining (co-editor with K. Binmore), Basil Blackwell (Oxford), 1987; Economic Policy and Technological Performance (co-editor with P. Stoneman), Cambridge University Press, 1987;An Inquiry into Well-Being and Destitution, Clarendon Press (Oxford), 1993; The Environment and Emerging Development Issues, Vols. I and II (co-editor with K.-G. Mäler), Clarendon Press (Oxford), 1997; The Economics of Transnational Commons (co-editor with K.-G. Mäler and A. Vercelli), Clarendon Press (Oxford), 1997; Creation and Transfer of Knowledge (co-editor with C. Barba Navaretti, K.-G. Mäler and D. Siniscalco), Springer (Berlin), 1998; Social Capital, A Multifaceted Perspective (co-editor with Ismail Serageldin), World Bank (Washington, DC), 2000; Human Well-Being and the Natural Environment, Oxford University Press (Oxford), 2001 (Revised edition, with new Appendix (paperback), March 2004); The Economics of Non-Convex Ecosystems (co-editor with Karl-Göran Mäler), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003; Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Synthesis (with W.V. Reid, H.A. Mooney, A. Cropper et al.), World Resources Institute (Washington, DC: Island Press), 2005, pp. 1-137 (This publication synthesised the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, which has been awarded the Zayed International Prize, 2005); Economics: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2007 (Translated to date into Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German); Povertà, Ambiente e Società (Bologna: il Mulino), 2007 (Collected papers on poverty, environment and society, translated and edited by Elena Podrecca and Maurizio Zenezini); The Collected Papers of Sir Partha Dasgupta, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Professional Address

University of Cambridge
Faculty of Economics
Sidgwick Avenue
Cambridge CB3 9DD

Impediments to Sustainable Development: Externalities in Human-Nature Exchanges (PDF) 2014

Financial Crises and the World’s Poor (PDF) 2010

Comment: Human Rights and Economic Development (PDF) 2009

Social Capital and Personal Identity (PDF) 2008

Comment (PDF) 2007

Doing Well by Our Children (PDF) 2006