Sabina Alkire

Date of birth 22 February 1969

Place Göttingen, Germany (Europe)

Nomination 05 July 2022

Albino F. Barrera, OP

Date of birth 03 January 1956

Place Manila, Philippines (Asia)

Nomination 14 September 2021

Field Economics; Theology

Partha Sarathi Dasgupta

Date of birth 17 November 1942

Place Dacca, East Bengal, India (Asia)

Nomination 22 December 199708 June 2020 (Former Academician)

Field Economics

Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista

Date of birth 01 April 1947

Place San Luis Potosí, Mexico (America)

Nomination 24 July 200723 July 2017 (Former Academician)

Field Economics

Mario Draghi

Date of birth 03 September 1947

Place Rome, Italy (Europe)

Nomination 26 May 2020

Field Economics

Martín Maximiliano Guzmán

Date of birth 12 October 1982

Place La Plata, Argentina (America)

Nomination 21 September 2021

Field Economics

Juan José Llach

Date of birth 07 February 1944

Place Buenos Aires, Argentina (America)

Nomination 19 January 199418 January 2014 (Council Member until 7 May 2017, resigned)

Field Economics, Sociology

Lubomír Mlčoch

Date of birth 13 May 1944

Place Troubky n/B, Czech Republic (Europe)

Nomination 30 June 200829 June 2018 (Former Academician)

Field Economics

José T. Raga

Date of birth 03 September 1938

Place Catarroja, Valencia, Spain (Europe)

Nomination 17 May 200103 September 2018 (Former Academician)

Field Public Economy

Dani Rodrik

Date of birth 14 August 1957

Place Istanbul, Turkey (Asia)

Nomination 24 December 2019

Field Economics

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Date of birth 05 November 1954

Place Oak Park, Michigan, United States of America (America)

Nomination 28 September 2021

Field Economics

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Date of birth 09 February 1943

Place Gary, Indiana, United States of America (America)

Nomination 03 October 200310 October 2023 (Honorary Member)

Field Economics and Finance

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