Deceased Academicians

Taketoshi Nojiri


Taketoshi Nojiri

Date of birth 16 October 1924

Place Oita, Japan (Asia)

Nomination 19 January 1994 - 18 January 2004 (Former Academician)

Field Economic Policy

Title Professor

Place and date of death † 29 October 2018

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Most important awards, prizes and academies
Dr. econ., Kobe University; Prof. Emeritus, Kobe University; Former President of the Japan Economic Policy Association; Former President of the Society of Economic Sociology (Japan); Former Member of the Science Council of Japan; Former Vice-Chairman of the International Co-operative Alliance Committee for HRD (Human Resource Development); Adviser to the Research Organization for the 21st Century (Hyogo, Japan).

Summary of scientific research
As a researching staff member of universities and institutes in Japan he has studied the economic, sociological and philosophical principles of economic policy for fifty years. The main area of research has been the study of comparative economic systems, so-called convergence theory and policy-making in pluralistic democracies. At present he is engaged in the study of rapid economic growth in East Asia, especially in China, and of the role which intermediate organizations play as integral parts of the "third way". In connection with the study of intermediate organizations, he also takes part in the study of the co-operative (above all the consumers' co-operative) movement and its significance at the present time.

Main publications
Publications include about 150 articles to date. His main books are: General Theory of Economic Policy, Kyoto 1965; Man and Society, Tokyo 1973; Principles of Economic Policy, Kyoto 1973; On the Japanese Economy, Its Rapid Growth and Its Transformation, Kyoto 1975; Present Ideas of Economic Systems, Tokyo 1976; Where are the Economic Systems Going?, Kyoto 1980;The Era of Choice, Tokyo 1980; The Economy in the Soviet-Union and the East-Europe, Planning and Market, Tokyo 1981; Co-operative Movement at the Turning Point, Kobe 1989; The Life in the Aging Society, Kyoto 1991; Basic Values of the Consumers Co-operative, Reconsidered, Kobe 1993; The Twentieth Century and the Consumers Co-operative, Kyoto 1997; The Third Way: Where Are the Socio-Economic Systems Going?, Kyoto 1997; From Welfare State to Welfare Society, Kobe 1998; What is Expected from the Co-operative Movement in the New Century?, Kobe 1999; The Rise of Intermediate Organizations and the Consumers Co-operative, Kobe 2001; Ethical Fundamentals of Political Economy in the Age of Great Transformation, Kyoto 2006.