Other disciplines

Helen Alford, OP

Date of birth 01 May 1964

Place London, United Kingdom (Europe)

Nomination 11 August 2020 (Appointed PASS President on 1 April 2023)

Field Ethics

Emilce Cuda

Date of birth 19 December 1965

Place Buenos Aires, Argentina (America)

Nomination 13 April 2022

Field Theology

Ana Marta González

Date of birth 23 October 1969

Place Ourense, Spain (Europe)

Nomination 30 June 2016

Field Philosophy

Rodrigo Guerra López

Date of birth 04 August 1966

Place Mexico City, Mexico (America)

Nomination 20 October 2020

Field Philosophy

F. Russell Hittinger

Date of birth 27 July 1949

Place Quantico, VA, United States of America (America)

Nomination 08 September 200907 September 2019 (Former Academician)

Field Philosophy, Religious Studies, Law

Vittorio Hösle

Date of birth 25 June 1960

Place Milan, Italy (Europe)

Nomination 06 August 2013

Field Philosophy

Pierre Manent

Date of birth 06 May 1949

Place Toulouse, France (Europe)

Nomination 14 July 201018 May 2016 (Resigned)

Field Political Philosophy

Janne Haaland Matlary

Date of birth 27 April 1957

Place Mandal, Norway (Europe)

Nomination 01 September 200931 August 2019 (Former Academician)

Field International Politics

Vittorio Possenti

Date of birth 25 March 1938

Place Rome, Italy (Europe)

Nomination 17 March 200325 March 2018 (Former Academician)

Field Political Philosophy

Riccardo Pozzo

Date of birth 07 June 1959

Place Milan, Italy (Europe)

Nomination 20 April 2021

Field Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies

Gregory M. Reichberg

Date of birth 01 January 1956

Place Norway (Europe)

Nomination 14 June 2016

Field Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Kevin Ryan

Date of birth 07 October 1932

Place Mt. Vernon, New York, United States of America (America)

Nomination 13 August 200312 August 2013 (Former Academician)

Field Psychology

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