From Climate Crisis to Climate Resilience

Workshop | 15-17 May 2024

The Climate Crisis is upon us. It will get lot worse over the next few decades as planetary heating shoots past 1.5C by early 2030s. The warming curve is likely to bend around the ... Read all

Plenary Session on Disability and the Human Condition

Plenary Session | 9-10-11 April 2024

There is no exact number of people with disabilities worldwide. International organisations estimate that 16% of the world's population experience significant disabling conditions. ... Read all

Indigenous Peoples' Knowledge and the Sciences

Workshop | 14-15 March 2024

Indigenous Peoples worldwide have a dual relationship with climate change. On the one hand Indigenous Peoples represent a clear case of climate injustice, as they have contributed ... Read all

Aquinas’ social ontology and natural law in perspective

Workshop | 7-8 March 2024

2024 will mark the 750th anniversary of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ "dies natalis", and 2025 the 800th anniversary of his birth. For centuries, Aquinas’ philosophical and ... Read all

The Summit of the Future

Workshop | 4-5 March 2024

At the very heart of Pope Francis’ messages in the past decade has been the urgent need for a strengthened multilateralism to address the growing ecological and social crises of ... Read all