The Global Quest for Tranquillitas Ordinis. Pacem in Terris, Fifty Years Later

Eighteenth Plenary Session 27 April - 1 May 2012
Acta 18, eds M.A. Glendon and R. Hittinger 
Vatican City, 2013
pp. 649
ISBN 978-88-86726-29-0


Signs of the Times: Establishing Peace in Truth, Justice, Charity, and Liberty

Pacem in Terris. Quid novi?

Archbishop Roland Minnerath | PASS Academician

Quinquagesimo ante: Reflections on Pacem in Terris Fifty Years Later

Russell Hittinger | PASS Academician

The Magnitude of 'Walking in the Truth' (3 Jn 1)

Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo | PASS Chancellor

Truth, Justice, Charity and Liberty in the Globalised World

Lord David Alton

Europe - A Contribution to a Better World (J. Monnet). Perspectives in the Spirit of Pacem in Terris

Reinhard Cardinal Marx

Christus pax nostra – Joseph Ratzinger-Benedicto XVI, Jesus von Nazareth I-II (2007-2011)

Archbishop Luis F. Ladaria

Agents, New Ideas, and Authorities in the Global Commons

L'Eglise entre l'humanité réelle et l'humanité rêvée

Pierre Manent | PASS Academician

The Global Quest for Tranquillitas Ordinis: Africa's Contribution to Pacem in Terris

Paulus M. Zulu | PASS Academician

Relecturas latinoamericanas

Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour

Role of Peoples and Nations in Protecting the Natural Environment

José T. Raga | PASS Academician

La paix à l'âge des nouvelles logiques migratoires / Peace in an Age of Great Migrations

Gérard-François Dumont | PASS Academician

Primavera araba: speranze e paure

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia

A Return to Multipolarity and Realpolitik? Human Rights under Pressure

Janne Haaland Matlary | PASS Academician

Forcible Preventive Disarmament in Traditional Just War Theory

Gregory Reichberg

Religion's Two Alternative and Complementary Pathways: From Faith to Reason and from Reason to Faith

Enrico Berti | PAS Academician

The Religious and Spiritual Dimension of Peace

Walter Cardinal Kasper

International Civil Society, Focused on the Catholic Church in Asia: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Mina Ramirez | PASS Academician

The Promotion of Religious Tolerance and Non-Discrimination as a Fundamental Factor to Ensure Tranquillitas Ordinis

Ombretta Fumagalli Carulli | PASS Academician

The Triarchical Structure of the Post-Westphalian Global Order

Michel Bauwens

Wikipedia, Free Knowledge and Peace

Jimmy Wales

Educación cristiana para las nuevas generaciones

Antonio María Cardenal Rouco Varela

Catholic Education Fifty Years Later

Kevin Ryan | PASS Academician

Facebook: A New Instrument for the Propagation of Peace in the World?

Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista | PASS Academician

La science-technique et les nouvelles questions anthropologiques

Vittorio Possenti | PASS Academician

Si Vis Pacem, Para Civitatem: The Role of Gift as Gratuitousness

Stefano Zamagni | PASS Academician

Refonder l'engagement social dans une perspective d'inclusion sociale, de démocratie et de paix / Founding of Social Engagement in a Perspective of Social Inclusion, Democracy and Peace

Céline Saint-Pierre

Pacem in Terris and the Principle of Subsidiarity: Beyond the Misunderstandings

Pierpaolo Donati | PASS Academician

Towards a Catholic Understanding of Global Order for the 21st Century: Principles and Practice

Harmony between Man and Man, and Man and Nature

Joseph E. Stiglitz | PASS Academician

Aproximación geopolítica a la justicia en un mundo globalizado

Oscar Andrés Cardenal Rodríguez Maradiaga

Which Europe, What Union: Pacem in Terris and the Future of European Unification

James McAdams

Como fortalecer las nuevas democracias

Alan García

Climate Change and Protection of the Habitat that Sustains Us: What Can Be Accomplished?

V. (Ram) Ramanathan | PAS Academician

Ways to Improve the Order and Governance in Globalising Economic and Financial Markets

Hans Tietmeyer | PASS Academician

The Common Good In Terris – Or Only In Excelsis

The Cornerstone of Social Building Dethroned on the Way to Global Economy

Lubomír Mlcoch | PASS Academician

Una riforma del sistema finanziario. Il contributo della dottrina sociale della Chiesa

Mario Toso

The Quest for Peace Fifty Years After Pacem in Terris – What Role for Religion?

Mary Ann Glendon | PASS President


El incienso y la plegaria

Belisario Betancur | PASS Academician

New Things and Old: Justice and Friendship in the Global Village

Lawrence Dewan O.P.

Der Staat als Beschuetzer der Menschenrechte und als Abwehr der Bedrohung der Ordnung

Herbert Schambeck | PASS Academician