Pacem in Terris: War and other Obstacles to Peace

Proceedings of the Workshop on
Pacem in Terris: War and Other Obstacles to Peace
Studia Selecta 11
Vatican City 2024


Pacem in Terris: An Overview

Sr Helen Alford | PASS President

The Ethics of AI-Enabled Weapon Systems: Testing and Evaluating

Jovana Davidovic | Philosophy Department, University of Iowa Stockdale Center, USNA BABL AI

Automated Disinformation Campaigns

Kirsi Helkala | Norwegian Defence University College / Norwegian Defence Cyber Academy

Pacem in Terris: Speaking Notes on “Humanitarian Disarmament”

Alexander Kmentt | Director of the Disarmament, Arms Control and Nonproliferation Department at the Austrian Foreign Ministry

Artificial Intelligence and Fully Autonomous Robotic Weapons. The Legal and Moral Necessity for a Ban

Mary Ellen O'Connell | Robert and Marion Short Professor of Law and Professor of International Peace Studies, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame

Nuclear Elimination after the War in Ukraine

Tom Sauer | Professor in International Politics, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

Drone Use in Ukraine: Some Ethical Reflections

Christian Braun | King's College, London

Space-based Weapons Systems

Nikita Chiu | Exeter University

A Survey of Technology-based Threats to Peace: Cyber

Gregory Reichberg | PASS Academician

Smart Weapon Technologies: Lowering the Threshold for War

Robert Latiff | University of Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center

Algorithmic Warfare

George Lucas | US Naval Academy

Conventional Weapons

Nic Marsh | PRIO

Do "Smart Technologies" Lower the Threshold to War?

Hew Strachan | University of St Andrews

Military Education and AI

Henrik Syse | PRIO

C7ISTAR for a Paradigm Shift in UAV Warfare

Neeta Trivedi | Inferigence Quotient, Bengaluru