Crisis in a Global Economy - Re-Planning the Journey

Sixteenth Plenary Session, 30 April-4 May 2010
Acta 16, eds J.T. Raga and M.A. Glendon
Vatican City, 2011
pp. 610
ISBN 978-88-86726-27-6


The Social Doctrine of Benedict XVI in ‘Caritas in Veritate’

Cardinal Peter K. Turkson

I. Where Do We Stand? The Impact of the Crisis on Persons and Institutions

General Overview of the Magnitude of the Crisis. The Global Components

José T. Raga | PASS Academician


Jörg Guido Hülsmann

The Current Crisis: Consequences of Neglecting the Four Key Principles of Catholic Social Doctrine

Margaret Archer | PASS Academician

The Crisis of the ‘World System’ and the Need for a Civil Society

Pierpaolo Donati | PASS Academician

The Process of ‘Creative Destruction’ and Subsidiarity: A Response to Professors Archer and Donati

F. Russell Hittinger | PASS Academician

La crisis financiera mundial: causas y consecuencias. La dimension moral

Belisario Betancur | PASS Academician

The Impact of the Global Recession on Developing Countries

Paulus M. Zulu | PASS Academician

Comment: Where Do We Stand? The Impact of the Crisis on Persons and Institutions

Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista | PASS Academician

Financial Crises and the World’s Poor

Partha S. Dasgupta | PASS Academician

Regulation, Regulators, Controllers and Governments

Angelika Nussberger | PASS Academician


Janne Haaland Matlary | PASS Academician

II. How Did We Get to this Point? The Decisive Contributing Factors

Réflexions à propos des effets de la crise économique mondiale sur les entités étatiques et les populations

Louis Sabourin | PASS Academician

Comment: Reflection on Modernity and Relationality

Sr Helen Alford

Lessons from the Crisis

Hans-Werner Sinn

The Proximate and Remote Causes of a Crisis Foretold: A View from Social Catholic Thought

Stefano Zamagni

Comment: ‘Good Life’ in Economy and Finance or the Rebirth of the Ethics of Virtues

Mario Toso

The Recession and the Family

Kevin Ryan | PASS Academician

Business Leadership sine specie aeternitatis: Irresponsibility in a Global Space

Lubomír Mlcoch | PASS Academician

What to Do Next? A Response to Kevin Ryan

Michael Novak

Reply to Lubomír Mlcoch

Michael Novak

III. How Do We “Replan The Journey”

What Kind of Regulation?

Hans Tietmeyer | PASS Academician

Is the Global Authority a Feasible Solution?

Herbert Schambeck | PASS Academician


Rocco Buttiglione | PASS Academician

The Crisis and its Aftermath from the Point of View of the Developing Countries

Juan J. Llach | PASS Academician

The Governance of Globalization: Global Political Authority, Solidarity and Subsidiarity

Vittorio Possenti | PASS Academician


Hsin-chi Kuan | PASS Academician


Hans F. Zacher | PASS Academician

Panel on Financial Matters

The Role of Macro-Prudential Oversight and Monetary Policy in Preventing Financial Instability

Lucas Papademos

How Do We "Replan the Journey"?

Mario Draghi

Aspetti finanziari della crisi e prospettive

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi

Personnes et familles dans un contexte d’incertitude

Archbishop Roland Minnerath | PASS Academician

Ethics and Economics, or How Much Egoism Does Modern Capitalism Need? Machiavelli’s, Mandeville’s, and Malthus’s New Insight and its Challenge

Vittorio Hösle | PASS Academician

Commentary on the Papers: Personal and Family Decisions in a Scenario of Uncertainty and Ethics and Economics: New Considerations for Entrepreneurs

Mina Ramirez | PASS Academician

Panel on the Production Sector

The Production Sector

Peter Harry Carstensen

Agricolture, Food and Nutrition – Responding to the Crises

Joachim von Braun

Automobile Sector

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Family Business in Germany

Patrick Adenauer

The Role of the Social Sciences and Higher Education in the Current Economic Crisis

Mary Ann Glendon | PASS President