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Understanding the proposed solutions to the problem of online mis/disinformation

In 2016, the votes for Brexit and Donald Trump and the later Cambridge Analytica scandal made the public aware of the prevalence of online disinformation (Wardle 2016; Tandoc et ... Read all

Human Rights in the Digital Society

Pope Francis has explained that we are not living in an epoch of change, rather we are witnessing an epoch-making change, mainly driven by digitalization. Digital technology ... Read all

A Media Ecology for a Platform Society

0.     Introduction My paper proposes an ecological perspective[1] on current developments in the media system – dominated by the power of platforms – and ... Read all

Education for the Changing Media in a Changing World

The mission of school is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful. And this occurs through a rich path made up of many ingredients. This is why there are so many ... Read all

Between Truth, Legitimacy, and Legality in the Post-truth Era

The starting point for the following considerations is the strong feeling that today we are not faced with some accidental and transitory “pathologies” of communication (such as ... Read all

Fides ex auditu: The Christian Imperative of Communicating the Truth That Saves

Fides principaliter est ex infusione; et quantum ad hoc per baptismum datur; sed quantum ad determinationem suam est ex auditu; et sic homo ad fidem per catechismum instruitur In ... Read all

Digital Media Images: A New Political Economy of Light

1. Disguised reality In this intervention, I will try to introduce a reflection on the status that images have acquired within the complex system of contemporary media, often ... Read all

Platform, Power, Public Counter-Power: Governing Platformization in Europe

Introduction Online digital platforms have deeply penetrated every sector in society, disrupting markets, labor relations, and institutions, while transforming social and civic ... Read all

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