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The scourge of human trafficking is evolving rapidly, showing a remarkable ability to adapt to the new forms of globalisation. We are confronted with an entrepreneurial dynamism, ... Read all

Neo-Cannibalism, Organ Theft, and Military-Biomedical Necropolitics

A prologue and a caveat My presentation concerns the deepest harms and crimes against humanity perpetrated in the name of saving lives. It is based on two decades of grounded, ... Read all

How to Bring About Normative Change in the Demand for Trafficked Persons

            Over the past decade, the supply side of human trafficking has been vigorously attacked by its greater criminalization. Yet there has been ... Read all

How Does Social Normativity Change and Can It Be Brought to Foster the Common Good?

1. The issue This contribution aims at dealing with the morphogenesis of normative change that can approximate more closely to the pursuit of the common good in coping with the ... Read all

A ‘Liberal Profession’? The Norwegian Debate on the “Sex Buying Act”

The Norwegian Sex Buying Act (SBA) was adopted by the Norwegian parliament in November 2008, criminalizing the buying of sexual services. In the Norwegian penal code, art. 202a, it ... Read all

Normative Findings from the Evaluation Report of the Norwegian Sex Buying Act

Introduction Norway criminalised purchasing sex in 2009. The main rationale for implementing the law (from 1 January 2009) against commercial sexual services was to prevent and ... Read all

How the Global Economy Fosters Human Trafficking

1.         Introduction             The topic of human trafficking has evolved from ... Read all

Trafficking of Human Organs in India

INTRODUCTION India is a land of diversity and richness; but also a land of contradictions. India has some of the richest people and the poorest. In India we have scientific, ... Read all

Scars – Ruined Lives and Deaths of Kidney Trafficking Victims

Prologue – Sacrificial Violence A persistent theme that has defined my lifework as a barefoot anthropologist is derived from a tradition of critical theory, a concern with the ... Read all

Supporting Victims-Survivors After Trafficking: Recovery, Return and Reintegration Programs in the Philippines

Introduction This year marks the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish ... Read all

Integration and Settlement for Survivors of Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia and Australasia

Introduction As several scholars have noted recently, issues of integration and settlement have received relatively little attention in human trafficking research (Schloenhardt and ... Read all

The Challenge of Resettling those who Have Been Trafficked, with Special Reference to Nigeria

1.    Introduction I wish to express my gratitude to the President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences Professor Margaret S. Archer and Chancellor Bishop ... Read all

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