New Forms of Solidarity Towards Fraternal Inclusion, Integration and Innovation (I+I+I)


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New Forms of Solidarity Towards fraternal Inclusion, Integration and Innovation (I+I+I)
5 febbraio 2020
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Vatican City, 2020

Address by His Holiness Pope Francis

Solidarity as a thread of the Pontifical Magisterium: From Saint Paul VI to Pope Francis. The Church as a global actor
| H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Anthropological conception of an economy based on solidarity | Stefano Zamagni (President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences)

The 3 I’s of Solidarity | Gustavo Beliz (Secretary of Strategic Affairs of Argentina)

KEYNOTE Global Economic Transformation: Power, People and Values | Joseph Stiglitz

PANEL I - Social Stability: New rules for a supportive, inclusive, dynamic and sustainable world

New economic thinking, research and teaching. How to prepare the new generations of economists for the challenges of the future? | Rob Johnson (Institute for New Economic Thinking)

Ethics in finance and business: solidarity, inequality, poverty, and values. Can global finance give priority to the poor? How to educate the 21st century citizens, multilateral organizations, economists and politicians? | Adela Cortina Orts (University of Valencia)

Finance for an inclusive world. Strengthening the State for a stable Social Market Economy. Is there a financial architecture or mechanisms that contribute to financing intergenerational solidarity? | Enrique Iglesias (former IADB president)

Comments and discussion on the Keynote and Panel

Inclusive Labour Markets. The future of work and the works of the future. Social cohesion and mobility 4.0. How to organize and finance the re-skilling revolution | Janine Berg (Senior economist of the International Labour Organization)

Economics for a dynamic world. Creating a learning society, property rights, patents and inclusive technology. What new technologies can contribute to social inclusion and in what way? How should multilateral institutions and government co-evolve in order to promote more stability, solidarity and inclusion in the digital age? What are the challenges that big data and new technologies bring to the integrity of the democratic process? | Rohinton P. Medhora (Center for International Governance Innovation)

Politics for a stable world. Democracy and Social Crisis. Causes and consequences of the latest political and social crises in the region. Multilateral finance organizations to stabilize the region in a context of polarization | Michael Shifter (The Inter American Dialogue)

Economics for a sustainable world. Opportunities for inclusion with the renewable energy agenda | José Antonio Belaunde (Former Secretary of State of Perú - current CAF Development Bank representant to the UE)

Finance for inclusion and equality. Development banks in the 21st century. The role of development banks in financing social infrastructure and sustainable projects. Can development banks help plant the seed of solidarity among people? | Juan Notaro (President of FONPLATA Development Bank)

Finance for an inclusive world. Considerations for an ethical discernment on some aspects of the current economic and financial system. The teachings of Pope Francis in Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones | Card. Luis Ladaria Ferrer SJ (Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)

Open Discussion + Comments

KEYNOTE New Priorities for the Global Economy | Kristalina Georgieva

PANEL II - Transforming the Rules of the International Financial Architecture: Economic and Financial Stability

Introduction by Chairperson: Alicia Bárcena Ibarra (Executive Secretary of the ECLAC-CEPAL)

Finance for a stable world. Solutions for sovereign debt crisis to achieve sustainable growth with social inclusion | Martín Guzman (Minister of Finance and Economy of Argentina)

Finance for an inclusive world. Finance and public policies for an inclusive development | Arturo Herrera (Minister of Finance and Public Credit of México)

Finance for an inclusive world. Wellbeing for a sustainable future. Structural reforms to reduce inequality | Benigno López (Minister of Finance and Economy of Paraguay)

Economics for an inclusive and innovative world. Social cohesion based on jobs. Inclusive growth, new technologies and entrepreneurial development | María Luisa Hayem (Minister of Finance and Economy of El Salvador)

Finance for an inclusive world. Rebuilding the bridge between the financial and the real economy: the space for inclusive industrial policies | Mario Cimoli (Deputy Executive Secretary of the ECLAC - CEPAL)

KEYNOTE Restoring the Ethical Foundations of Economics | Jeffrey Sachs

Green finance. Financing the new Green Deal | Nadia Calviño (Deputy Prime Minister of Spain)

Finance for a sustainable world. How to promote environmentally sustainable sector growth policies? Paris and SDG Agreement: towards the construction of an action agenda and international consensus | Bruno Le Maire (Minister of Finance and Economy of France)

Finance for a sustainable world. Trends in global poverty and inequality, including the rise of fragility and conflict. Integrating sustainability and action on climate change into the development agenda | Axel van Trotsenburg (Managing Director of Operations of the World Bank)

Comment | Werner Hoyer

Trade for a dynamic and sustainable world. The Role of Business in Advancing Ethical, Fair and Inclusive Trade | Neil Herrington (Senior Vice President for the Americas, U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Finance for a sustainable world Green finance, resilient infrastructure. Environment and Climate Change. Challenges posed by climate change and renewable energies for the development of emerging economies. The role of green bonds to finance new resilient infrastructure | Dante Mossi (President of Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica)

Closing words - H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs, Alicia Bárcena, Kristalina Georgieva.


Nuove forme di solidarietà verso una fraterna inclusione, integrazione e innovazione (I+I+I)

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