Le dimensioni sociali della globalizzazione


Workshop, 21-22 February 2000
Miscellanea 2, ed. L. Sabourin
Vatican City, 2000
pp. 93
ISBN 88-86726-06-6


This volume presents the proceedings of a workshop held by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on ‘the social dimensions of globalisation’ in 2000. I would like to thank first of all the Holy Father John Paul II who founded the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in 1994 and has continued to give it his full support, not least through the provision of our building, the Casina Pio IV, and other resources. In addition, all of us at the Academy would to thank the ‘Foundation for the Promotion of the Social Science’, and in particular its President, Herbert Batliner, and its Council Members, for the funds made available to us to carry on our work.
Special thanks are also due to the President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Edmond Malinvaud, for having followed the preparations for the meeting of the workshop, whose proceedings are published here with that esprit de finesse which is characteristic of the French tradition. I would also like to acknowledge the vital help of the organiser of the meeting and the editor of this publication, Prof. Louis Sabourin. Lastly, an expression of gratitude to Dr. Matthew Fforde, who revised the whole text for publication.
The importance and topical relevance of this volume clearly emerge from its title. Perhaps this is the first time that a number of eminent scholars and authorities have sought to address themselves to the subject of globalisation by concentrating on the social dimensions of this increasingly discussed phenomenon. A variety of perspectives and solutions are offered because the authors of these essays represent different geographical regions of the world and different disciplines belonging to the social sciences (a prominent characteristic of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences). This work will be of interest to all those who are concerned with the many human ramifications of a process which is seen by some commentators as being highly positive but by others as a development which is full of dangers. As the third millennium begins, this small book is offered as a contribution to our understanding of what globalisation really is and what it really means. lt is also intended to serve as a preliminary approach to a subject which will be examined in greater detail by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences over the next few years.

Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo


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