Governance in a Changing World: Meeting the Challenges of Liberty, Legitimacy, Solidarity, and Subsidiarity


Working Group 26-27 April 2013
Extra Series 14
Vatican City 2013
ISBN 978-88-86726-30-6

Introduction (PDF)
Archbishop Roland Minnerath

Accountability, Transparency, Legitimacy, Sustainable Development and Governance (PDF)
Rocco Buttiglione

- Scattered Remarks on Professor Buttiglione's Paper (PDF)
Stefano Zamagni
- Paths to a Sound Governance of the World (PDF)
Hsin-chi Kuan
- Riflessioni sugli scopi globali e la governance politica nella presente fase storica (PDF)
Vittorio Possenti
- 'No Governance without Government': Reflections on the Importance of Accountability and Checks-and-Balances (PDF)
Janne Haaland Matlary
- Comments on Professor Rocco Buttiglione's Paper (PDF)
José T. Raga

Rapporteur's Report
Morning Session: "Freedom, Accountability, Transparency, Legitimacy, Sustainable Development and Representation in Emerging Schemes of Governance" (PDF)
Janne Haaland Matlary

Solidarity and Governance (PDF)
Margaret S. Archer

- Response to Professor Archer's Paper (PDF)
Paulus Zulu
- Commentaire de Louis Sabourin du texte Solidarity and Governance par Margaret S. Archer (PDF)
Louis Sabourin

Rapporteur's Report
Report on the Afternoon Discussion of the Paper of Dr Margaret Archer (PDF)
Daniel Finn

What Role for Subsidiarity in Emerging Schemes of Governance (PDF)
Juan J. Llach

- Subsidiarität in Sozialverantwortung (PDF)
Herbert Schambeck


Governance in a Changing World

Workshop 26-27 April 2013 – In 2013 the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences will conclude its... Read more

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