Globalization and International Justice


Introduction by Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista
Extra Series 10
Vatican City, 2007
ISBN 978-88-86726-21-4
pp. 264


This book offers a number of reflections on globalization and international justice and the major challenges of the present century. Its contributions invite us to pose some questions to be taken into account in building a consensus to maximize globalization benefits in a fair manner. What should the international community do to help more backward nations and the most vulnerable groups to gain access to the benefits that globalization offers? What should the governments do to narrow the gap of inequalities in access to information, education and health technologies?
Possible responses to these questions are of particular importance to building a more just international order in which the marginalization and exclusion of regions and communities in relation to the benefits of technological advances and the innovation that globalization has intensified can be overcome.
The international community must maintain and redouble its efforts to update and respect the international juridical framework. It is equally decisive to make both economic and financial multilateral institutions and those in charge of international peace and security more efficient, democratic and transparent.
I invite the reader to enter the pages of this book to analyze, together with the authors, the responses that we should give to these major questions together as governments, international organizations and individuals.

Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista


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