The Right to Work: Towards Full Employment


Third Plenary Session, 23-26 April 1997
Acta 3, eds. E. Malinvaud and M. Archer
Vatican City, 1998
pp. 370
ISBN 88-86726-02-3



I. Towards a Dialogue with Social Teaching on Work and Unemployment

Le changement du travail, du travailleur, de l'emploi et les encycliques sociales (PDF)
J.-Y. Calvez

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

Labour Market De-regulation and Christian Ethics (PDF)
B. Vymetalik

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

II. The Contribution of Existing Social Institutions

The Right to Work and the Limits of Law (PDF)
M.A. Glendon

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

Die Lebensbedingungen der Arbeitslosen und die Wirkungen alternativer Sozialleitstungssysteme in historischer und vergleichender Perspektive (PDF)
H. Zacher

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

Trade Union Re-organization and the Employment Crisis: Unions and Social Policy in a World of Globalization and Deregulation (PDF)
C. Crouch

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

III. The Potential of New Practices

Integrating the Historically Disadvantaged into the World of Work (PDF)
G.C. Loury

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

Women and Work: The Radical Papal Teaching (PDF)
J.H. Matlary

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

La division du travail en Europe: modèles et politiques (PDF)
G. Frinking

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

Temps choisi et partage du travail (PDF)
J.H. Drèze

Summary of the discussion (PDF)

El desarrollo de una nueva "Cultura del Trabajo" en la perspectiva de la reducción de la integración social a través del empleo (PDF)
P. Morandé Court

Summary of discussion (PDF)


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The innovations discussed in this volume represent positive and creative responses to the enduring themes of social teaching about the centrality of work to human dignity and self fulfilment and to social integration and solidarity alike - as was stressed in Prof. Schasching's 1996 paper on "Catholic Teaching on Labour, Work and Employment" which forms the background to all our Academy's discussions on this theme. In fact it would be fair to say that this volume does not have a concrete and consensual conclusion. What has been presented above merely draws together the threads and the thrust of the papers and discussion taking place in 1997. The overall conclusion will go both back and beyond this particular meeting and will be presented in the Jubilee publication for the Millennium which will represent the contribution of this new Academy of Social Sciences, to furthering the dialogue with social teaching after the year 2000 – a teaching which remains rooted in the timeless needs of incarnational humanity.

Margaret S. Archer

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