Human Trafficking: Issues Beyond Criminalization


Proceedings of the 2015 Plenary Session
Human Trafficking: Issues Beyond Criminalization
17-21 April 2015
M. Archer, M. Sánchez Sorondo (eds)
Acta 20, Vatican City, 2016
ISBN 978-88-86726-32-0


Address to the Participants in the Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences
Pope Francis

Address to Pope Francis
President Margaret Archer

Word of Welcome
President Margaret Archer

Where does Human Dignity Come From?
H.E. Msgr. Roland Minnerath

Argentina: Successes, Difficulties and Problems Still Confronted in Reducing Prostitution and Forced Labour
Gustavo Vera

The Limitations of Necessary Criminalization
Kevin Hyland, UK independent anti-Slavery commissioner

No Longer Slaves, but Brothers and Sisters
Flaminia Giovanelli

The Social Etiology of Human Trafficking, Their Global Distribution and Differences. Setting the Scene
Kristiina Kangaspunta, UNODC

The Social Etiology of Human Trafficking: How Poverty and Cultural Practices Facilitate Trafficking
Alexis A. Aronowitz, PhD, Senior Lecturer criminology, University College Utrecht

How Can Data Collection Help Victims of Human Trafficking?
Michaëlle de Cock

The Programme of Pope Francis According to the Gospel: the Church as Intrinsically a Social Movement to Make the Last First
H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo 

The ILO; Successes, Difficulties and Problems in Reducing Forced Labour in Different Parts of the World
Beate Andrees

Legal and Policy Framework of the EU Relating to Criminalisation, Prevention and Demand Reduction
Myria Vassiliadou

The Role of the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals in Seeking to Reduce/Eliminate Human Trafficking by 2020
Jeffrey Sachs

The New Anti-Trafficking Bill for Great Britain; with Regard to Repatriation
John McEldowney

An Evaluation of the Place of Repatriation in French Law Dealing with Trafficked Persons
Yves Charpenel

Lessons from two Decades of Casework: How to Restore Survivors and Communities to Safety and Strength
Gary Haugen

Difficulties and Successful Practices in Facilitating a New Life for Persons Trafficked to Great Britain
Kate Garbers

Difficulties and Successful Practices in Facilitating a New Life for Persons Trafficked to Italy
Giovanni Ramonda

The Challenge of Resettling those who Have Been Trafficked, with Special Reference to Nigeria
Eugenia Bonetti

Integration and Settlement for Survivors of Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia and Australasia
Sallie Yea

Supporting Victims-Survivors After Trafficking: Recovery, Return and Reintegration Programs in the Philippines
Maruja Asis

Scars – Ruined Lives and Deaths of Kidney Trafficking Victims
Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Trafficking for Human Organs in India
Mathew Abraham

How the Global Economy Fosters Human Trafficking
Stefano Zamagni

Normative Findings from the Evaluation Report of the Norwegian Sex Buying Act
Steiner Strøm

A Liberal Profession? The Norwegian Debate About the "Sex Buying Act"
Janne Matlary

How Does Social Normativity Change and Can It Be Brought to Foster the Common Good?
Pierpaolo Donati

How to Bring About Normative Change in the Demand for Trafficked Persons
Douglas Porpora

Neo-Cannibalism, Organ Theft, and Military-Biomedical Necropolitics
Nancy Scheper-Hughes

The LiberaNos Project
Pierre Morel


Human Trafficking: Issues Beyond Criminalization

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