Democracy - Reality and Responsibility


Sixth Plenary Session, 23-26 February 2000
Acta 6, ed. H. Zacher
Vatican City, 2001
pp. 422
ISBN 88-86726-10-4



Part I

The General Framework

Der Stand der Arbeiten der Akademie zur Demokratie (The State of the Academy’s Deliberations on Democracy) (PDF)
H.F. Zacher

Democracy and Other Goods (PDF)
P. Dasgupta

Part II
Democracy: Strategies for Values – How to Advocate, Foster and Defend Values in a Pluralistic Society by Democratic Means

Démocratie et Valeurs: Quelle stratégie dans une société pluraliste? (Democracy and Values. What Strategy in a Pluralistic Society?) (PDF)
M. Schooyans

Strategien zur Entfaltung der Werte (Strategies to Develop and to Defend Values) (PDF)
P. Kirchhof

Part III
The Ideal of Democracy and Democratic Reality – the Ever-Changing Interplay Between Democratic Structures and Civil Society

The Ever-Changing Interplay Between Democracy and Civil Society (PDF)
M.A. Glendon

Ambiguous Ideals and Problematic Outcomes: Democracy, Civil Society, Human Rights, and Social Justice (PDF)
G. Therborn

Part IV
Democracy and Individual Fields of Encounter Between the State and Society

Education as a Precondition for Democracy (PDF)
P.M. Zulu

Democracy, Public Opinion and the Media (PDF)
J. Ziolkowski

Demokratie und Wirtschaft (Democracy and the Economy) (PDF)
H. Tietmeyer

Democracy and Labour (PDF)
C. Crouch

The Democratic Welfare State (PDF)
M.G. Schmidt

Ethnische Strukturen und nationale Demokratie (Ethnic Structures and National Democracy) (PDF)
H. Schambeck

Religion and Democracy in the Post-Modern World: the Possibility of a ‘Religiously Qualified’ Public Sphere (PDF)
P. Donati

Democracy and Religious Communities. The Riddle of Pluralism (PDF)
H.C. Malik

Part V
Closing Discussion

Le Développement de la Démocratie et la Doctrine Sociale de l’Eglise (Democratic Development and the Social Teaching of the Church) (PDF)
R. Minnerath


Democracy - Reality and Responsibility

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Democracy - Some Acute Questions

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Democracy in Debate, Reports

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This volume contains the third phase of the Academy’s work on ‘Democracy’. The first phase was a workshop. The intention of the workshop was to initiate the Academy’s deliberations by engaging in a fertile examination of the various experiences of the different regions of the world and thereby obtain a world-wide view. Hence the workshop discussed reports not only from Western Europe but also from post-Socialist Central and Eastern Europe, from Africa, Asia, and from Latin America. It was held from 12-13 December 1996 in Rome. The proceedings of the workshop were published as no. 1 of the new Miscellanea of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (Vatican City, 1998). The second phase was the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Academy which was held from 22-25 April 1998 in the Vatican City. This Plenary Meeting addressed itself to the subject of ‘Democracy – Some Acute Questions’. The discussions centred around three themes: ‘Value of Democracy – Democracy and Values’, ‘Civil Society as the Essence of the Democratic State’, and ‘Supranationality, Internationality and Democracy’. The proceedings of this meeting were published as Acta 4 of the Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Socialium (Vatican City, 1999). The discussions of the Fourth Plenary Meeting showed that there was an urgent need to study other questions connected with democracy. For this reason, another Plenary Meeting on democracy was planned. Under the title of ‘Democracy – Reality and Responsibility’, it was held on 23-26 February 2000 in the Vatican City. The proceedings of that meeting are published in this volume.

Hans F. Zacher
Chairman of the Academy’s ad hoc
Committee on Democracy

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