Democracy - Some Acute Questions


Fourth Plenary Session, 22-25 April 1998
Acta 4, ed. H. Zacher
Vatican City, 1999
pp. 450
ISBN 88-86726-01-5



I. Introduction

Die Arbeiten der Akademie zum Thema “Demokratie” (Democracy as a subject of the Academy’s deliberations – programme and state of the work) (PDF)
H.F. Zacher

Droits de l’Homme et Démocratie à la lumière de l’Enseignement social de l’Église (The teaching of the Church on democracy) (PDF)
M. Schooyans

Introduction to the Discussion (PDF)
R. Minnerath

Discussion (PDF)

II. Value of democracy — democracy and values

Three Questions about Contemporary Democracy and the Catholic Church (Value and justification of democracy – democracy: an end or a means?) (PDF)
J.J. Di Iulio

Discussion (PDF)

Values as a Precondition of Democracy (PDF)
T. Nojiri

Discussion (PDF)

Democracy Versus Values? (PDF)
F.-X. Kaufmann

Discussion (PDF)

Demokratie, Rechts- und Verfassungsstaat – Werte, ihr Konflikt und Schutz (The conflict of values – the protection of values: democratic structures, rule of law, the “Verfassungsstaat”) (PDF)
H. Schambeck

Discussion (PDF)

III. “Civil society” as the essence of democratic society

Il Concetto di Stato Democratico e “la Società Civile” (The concept of the democratic state and “civil society” as a precondition) (PDF)
P.L. Zampetti

Discussion (PDF)

What is “Civil Society” and how does it Develop? (PDF)
J.B. Elshtain

Discussion (PDF)

Democracy as Civil Society: the Mediating Structures (PDF)
K. von Beyme

Discussion (PDF)

Culture et Democratie (History and culture) (PDF)
J. Bony

Discussion (PDF)

IV. Supranationality, internationality and democracy

European Integration and Democracy: Some Sceptical Reflections (Europe: its international and its governmental structures and their relation to democracy) (PDF)
S. Bartolini

Discussion (PDF)

International and Governmental Structures and their Relation to Democracy: Common Report on Africa, America and Asia (PDF)
T.A. Mensah

Discussion (PDF)

La Mondialisation en Quête de Gouvernance Democratique: Contradictions Nationales, Contraintes Internationales (The global world: how is it governed?) (PDF)
L. Sabourin

Discussion (PDF)

Interventions Internationales, Souveraineté des Etats et Democratie (International interventions versus national democracies) (PDF)
T. de Montbrial

Discussion (PDF)

V. General debate

Report of the General Debate (PDF)


Democracy - Some Acute Questions

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The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, established in 1994, quickly listed “Democracy” among the subjects which should be approached with high priority. To base the deliberations of the Academy on a world-wide view, the Academy arranged a workshop with reports not only from Western Europe but also from post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe, from Africa, Asia, and from Latin America. The workshop was held from 12-13 December 1996 in Rome. The proceedings of the workshop were published as no. 1 of the newly started Miscellanea of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (Vatican City, 1998). On the basis of these discussions, the Academy decided to dedicate two Plenary Meetings to the subject of democracy. The first of these Plenary Meetings – which was the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Academy – took place from 21-25 April 1998 in the Vatican City. The second Plenary Meeting on democracy – which will be the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Academy – will take place in the spring of the year 2000.

Hans F. Zacher
Chairman of the Academy’s
ad hoc Committee on Democracy

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