Charity and Justice in the Relations among Peoples and Nations


Thirteenth Plenary Session, 27 April-1 May 2007
Acta 13, eds M.A. Glendon, J.J. Llach and M. Sánchez Sorondo
Vatican City, 2007
pp. LXV-589
ISBN 978-88-86726-20-7



„Caritas Est“ und die Liebestätigkeit der Kirche (PDF)
H.E. Msgr. Paul Josef Cordes

Charity and Justice in the Relations Among People and Nations: The Encyclical ‘Deus Caritas Est’ of Pope Benedict XVI (PDF)
Msgr. Joseph A. Di Noia

Justice and Charity in the Social Teaching of the Church
H.E. Msgr. Roland Minnerath

Gedanken zur Enzyklika Papst Benedikt XVI. „Deus Caritas Est“ (PDF)
Prof. Herbert Schambeck


International Society and the Idea of Justice (PDF)
Prof. Philip Allott

Integrating Global Entirety by Integrating Diversity
Prof. Hans Zacher

Global Justice in Potency? (PDF)
H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo


International Justice and the Role of Charities and Civil Society, with Special Reference to the Role of the Catholic Church (PDF)
Prof. Giorgio Vittadini

Comments (PDF)
Prof. Margaret Archer

Charity and Justice in the Relations Among Nations: The Role of Civil Society Focused on the Church (PDF)
Prof. Mina M. Ramirez


Fairness in International Investments and Financing (PDF)
H.E. Prof. Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista

Comment (PDF)
Prof. Hans Tietmeyer

Comment (PDF)
Prof. José T. Raga

Les conditions d’un investissement international juste, facteur de développement et de progrès social (PDF)
Mr. François Perigot


International Justice and Aid. Do We Need Some Scheme of Redistribution of Income at the World Level along the Lines of What Most Countries have at the National Level? (PDF)
Dr. Jean-Pierre Landau

Justice, Aid and Poverty: A Short Survey of the Literature (PDF)
Prof. Edmond Malinvaud

International Justice and Aid. Do We Need Some Scheme of Redistribution of Income at the World Level along the Lines of What Most Countries have at the National Level? (PDF)
Prof. Joseph Stiglitz


Current International Trends and World Peace (PDF)
Dr. Henry Kissinger

Comments (PDF)
Dr. José Miguel Insulza

En la misma barca (PDF)
Prof. Belisario Betancur


Solidaridad, Justicia y Cooperación Global: una Mirada desde América Latina y el Caribe (PDF)
Dr. José Miguel Insulza

Comments (PDF)
Prof. Vittorio Possenti

Legal Regulation of the Use of Force by States (PDF)
Prof. Krzysztof Skubiszewski


Interreligious Dialogue and World Peace (PDF)
H.Em. Card. Walter Kasper

Secularism, Faith and Freedom (PDF)
Most Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams

Interreligious Peacemaking in the Middle (PDF)
Dr. David Rosen

Dialogue Interreligieux et Paix Mondiale (PDF)
H.B. Msgr. Antonios Naguib

La coexistence islamo-chrétienne au Liban, facteur de paix ou de discorde? (PDF)
H.Em. Card. Pierre Sfeir Nasrallah


Giustizia Internazionale e Governance Internazionale nel Contesto della Crisi del Multilateralismo (PDF)
H.Em. Card. Tarcisio Bertone

International Justice and International Governance in the Context of the Crisis of Multilateralism
Pres. Prof. Mary Ann Glendon


International Justice, Water and Respect for Creation (PDF)
Dr. Jacques Diouf

Comment (PDF)
Prof. Partha Dasgupta

Comment (PDF)
Prof. Hsin-chi Kuan


Facing Globalization International Migration, the Human Faces of Globalization: Immigrant Families and the Education of Immigrant Youth (PDF)
Prof. Marcelo Suárez-Orozco

The Access of Immigrants and Their Families to a Decent Standard of Living and to the Public Goods: An Issue of Citizenship
Prof. Pierpaolo Donati

Comment (PDF)
Prof. Rocco Buttiglione

Bonds Across Borders: Migrant Families in a Global World (PDF)
Prof. Maurizio Ambrosini


International Justice and Poverty. Are the Millennium Goals Enough to Free the Poorest from Poverty? The Millennium Goals and the Role of the Family (PDF)
Prof. Ombretta Fumagalli Carulli

Ending Poverty through the UN Millennium Development Goals: Some Reflections (PDF)
Prof. Wilfrido V. Villacorta

Les objectifs du millénaire en matière de développement (PDF)
Prof. Louis Sabourin

L’économie de l’ombre, obstacle à la charité et à la justice entre nations (PDF)
H.E. Amb. Pierre Morel

Reflections and Actions Concerning a Globalized Education (PDF)
Prof. Antonio M. Battro

Africa and the Millennium Development Goals (PDF)
Prof. Paulus Zulu


Conclusions and Bases for the Agenda (PDF)
Prof. Juan J. Llach


Charity and Justice

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In the recent past, the Academy has devoted various meetings to analyze different aspects of globalization. Two complete sessions, parts of two other ones, two workshops – one of them, on globalization and education, together with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences – and a colloquium. All this work has enabled us to very clearly reaffirm that there is a lack of charity and justice in the world we live in. This may be summarized in a general way as disproportionate allocations or reallocations of any kind of resources, promises not honored and unequal divisions.
All of this has been addressed by the renewed appeal to charity and justice made by the Pope, Benedict XVI, in particular in his encyclical Deus Caritas Est. These facts and this appeal form an important part of the background to our meeting. The subject of this XIII plenary session is the relations between different peoples and nations, the developed and the developing, the emerging and the poor, from the point of view of the virtues of charity and justice. We will ask ourselves whether these relations, in the light of the social Magisterium of the Church, can become more just, fairer, and more peaceful, and what the route should be to achieve such ends. In other words, is a partnership for charity and justice possible in the globalized world? In order to help us to fulfill these goals the purpose of this Introduction is twofold. The first part, that is backward looking, presents a very brief synthesis of the previous work of the Academy on globalization.
The second part looks, instead, to the present and to the future, as it is focused on the identification of the new signs of the times that we should cautiously read in order to assess if they contribute or impede an improved effectiveness of charity and justice in the relations among peoples and nations at the beginning of this new millennium. To fulfill this second task the Academy considered that it was important to organize this XIII plenary session in an unusual way, inviting many people from outside the Academy, with different roles and expertise, to actively participate in our work, and to listen to them in order to have a broad picture of our world before getting our final conclusions on such crucial issues for the future of humankind as they are the ways to improve the effectiveness of charity and justice in the relations of peoples and nations.

Juan J. Llach

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