Joint Working Group of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on Globalization and Education


Joint Working Group 16-17 November 2005 –The Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences are jointly sponsoring a workshop on ‘Globalization and Education’ which will take place November 16-17, 2005. The focus of the workshop will be to find an educational project for an increasingly globalized world, based on our current bioanthropologic knowledge of the human being within the context of the diversity and interdependence of cultures, the interculturality and universality of ethical values, the role of communication technologies and the new migration patterns.


Prof. Nicola Cabibbo (PAS)
H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo
Prof. Margaret S. Archer
Prof. Antonio M. Battro (PAS)
Prof. Jean-Claude Berthélemy
Prof. David E. Bloom
Msgr. Francesco Follo
Prof. Howard E. Gardner
Prof. Mary Ann Glendon
Prof. Mohamed H.A. Hassan
Prof. Raymond Hide (PAS)
Prof. Pierre Léna (PAS)
Prof. Juan J. Llach
Prof. Edmond Malinvaud
Prof. M. Govind Kumar Menon (PAS)

Msgr. J. Michael Miller
Prof. Jürgen Mittelstrass (PAS)
Prof. Nicholas Negroponte
Prof. Rajendra S. Pawar
Prof. Yves Quéré (PAS)
Prof. Mina M. Ramirez
Dr. Carlina Rinaldi
Prof. Kevin Ryan
Prof. Michel Serres
Prof. Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco
Prof. Louis-André Vallet
Prof. Jean-Didier Vincent
Prof. Yu Wei
Rev. Msgr. Angelo V. Zani
Mr. Mortimer Zuckerman


Globalization and Education

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