2004-2008 Events

  • Intergenerational Solidarity

    Plenary Session 29 April-3 May 2004 – This week we mark our tenth anniversary with our first Plenary Session on intergenerational solidarity. Partly in response to concern about the looming crisis of... Read more
  • Globalization and Education

    Joint Working Group 16-17 November 2005 –The Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences are jointly sponsoring a workshop on ‘Globalization and Education’ which will... Read more
  • Conceptualization of the Person in Social Sciences

    Plenary Session 18-22 November 2005 – The Academy’s 11th Plenary Session, on ‘Conceptualization of the Human Person in the Social Sciences’ was originally to have been held in the spring of 2005, but... Read more
  • Vanishing Youth

    Plenary Session 28 April-2 May 2006 – The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences will hold its twelfth Plenary Session at the Vatican from 28 April to 2 May on ‘Vanishing Youth? Solidarity with... Read more
  • Charity and Justice

    Plenary Session 27 April-1 May 2007 – The next plenary session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences will be devoted to the study of Charity and Justice in the Relations Among Peoples and... Read more
  • Pursuing the Common Good

    Plenary Session 2-6 May 2008 – In the social teaching of the Church, solidarity and subsidiarity are viewed as linked, mutually reinforcing and necessary to realising the common good. Ideally, this... Read more


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