Workshop on The Social Dimensions of Globalisation


Workshop 21-22 February 2000 – The importance and topical relevance of this workshop clearly emerge from its title. Perhaps this is the first time that a number of eminent scholars and authorities have sought to address themselves to the subject of globalisation by concentrating on the social dimensions of this increasingly discussed phenomenon. This work will be of interest to all those who are concerned with the many human ramifications of a process which is seen by some commentators as being highly positive but by others as a development which is full of dangers.

Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo
Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

President Prof. Edmond Malinvaud
Chancellor Prof. Msgr Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo
Prof. Louis Sabourin (chairman of the committee)
Prof. Belisario Betancur
Prof. Joachim Bony
Mr. Justice Nicholas J. McNally
H.E. Msgr. Diarmuid Martin
Prof. Pedro Morandé Court

Prof. Mina M. Ramirez
Prof. Hans Tietmeyer
Prof. Janusz A. Ziolkowski
Prof. Jerzy B. Zubrzycki
Prof. Paulus Zulu
Prof. M. Hakan Bjorkman
Prof. Denis Goulet
Prof. Sergio Bernal Restrepo, S.J
Prof. Stefano Zamagni


The Social Dimensions of Globalization

Workshop, 21-22 February 2000 Miscellanea 2, ed. L. Sabourin Vatican City, 2000 pp. 93 ISBN... Read more

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