Globalization. Ethical and Institutional Concerns


Plenary Session 25-28 April 2001 – We are here now in order to approach – for the first time in a plenary session – the problems and difficulties connected with the globalisation of the world. ... Our activities on this most important phenomenon will, of course, extend over several of our future sessions. Starting with a preliminary workshop held last year, these activities have been and will continue to be organised by Professor Louis Sabourin of Montreal University.
During our first day here this year we have surveyed not only the Social Doctrine of the Church on globalisation, but also more broadly the various ethical approaches to globalisation and human development, what they have in common, and the ways in which they differ. Turning to the phenomenon itself and to the increasing interdependence which it involves, we have singled out three aspects in our survey of the facts and problems: what globalisation means for our cultures, how it differs from what would be an equitable trend toward a more unified world, and, at a more specific level, the challenges which face us if we want to reduce poverty. The remaining parts of our discussions are geared towards studying how changes in social, economic and political structures can be controlled in a more effective way at the international level. Throughout these discussions our intention is to pay especial attention to the less developed regions of the world.

Edmond Malinvaud


H.E. Amb. Hanna Suchocka
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Tietmeyer
Prof. Bedrich Vymetalík
Prof. Hans F. Zacher
Prof. Pier Luigi Zampetti
Prof. Jerzy G. Zubrzycki
Prof. Paulus Zulu
H.E. Msgr. Donato Squicciarini
Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner
Mr. Cornelius G. Fetsch
Dr. Martin Strimitzer
Rev. Prof. Sergio Bernal Restrepo, S.J.
Prof. Jorge Braga de Macedo
Prof. David Crocker
Prof. Paul Dembinski
Dr. Zéphirin Diabré
Prof. Stephany Griffith-Jones
H.E. Msgr. Josef Homeyer
Prof. Giuseppe Tognon
Prof. Stefano Zamagni


Globalization, Ethical and Institutional Concerns

Seventh Plenary Session, 25-28 April 2001 Acta 7, eds. E. Malinvaud and L. Sabourin Vatican City,... Read more

The Social Dimensions of Globalization

Workshop, 21-22 February 2000 Miscellanea 2, ed. L. Sabourin Vatican City, 2000 pp. 93 ISBN... Read more

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