The Future of Labour and Labour in the Future


Plenary Session 20-23 March 1996 – The topic of the scientific part of the second session had been decided by Academicians on November 26, 1994. For short it was called: "The Future of Labour and Labour in the Future". Chaired by Professor Archer, the programme committee first asked Father Schasching, who kindly accepted, to prepare a background document presenting the most important social teachings of the Church on the topic. In conformity with the pattern decided by the Council, the document was intended to serve as a reference for all speakers. It was ready in the sumrner 1995, which was far enough in advance. The programme committee itself could then use the document in order to select the subjects of the various papers and to solicit authors. The reception was good; papers were distributed in advance and studied by Academicians, who had time to think about their comments. The outcome is precisely what appears in the proceedings.

Edmond Malinvaud


Prof. Margaret S. Archer
Prof. Kenneth Arrow
Prof. Serghej S. Averintsev
Prof. Joachim Bony
Prof. Mary Ann Glendon
Prof. Juan José Llach
Mr. Justice Nicholas J. McNally
President Prof. Edmond Malinvaud
Prof. Msgr. Roland Minnerath
Prof. Pedro Morandé
Prof. Fr. Istvan Muselay S.J.
Prof. Mina M. Ramirez
Prof. René Rémond
Prof. Louis Sabourin
Prof. Herbert Schambeck
Prof. Fr. Johannes Schasching S.J.
Rev. Msgr Prof. Michel Schooyans
Prof. Hanna Suchocka
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Tietmeyer
Prof. Fr. Arthur Utz O.P.
Prof. Bedrich Vymetalík
Prof. Hans F. Zacher
Prof. Pier Luigi Zampetti
Prof. Jerzy B. Zubrzycki
Prof. Paulus Zulu
H.E. Msgr Donato Squicciarini
Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner
Dr. Martin Strimitzer
Dr Philippe de Weck

Mr Alphons Horten
Prof. Gosta Esping Andersen
Prof. Thomas Kohler
H.E.R. Cardinal Roger Etchegaray
H.E.R. Cardinal Alfons M. Stickler
H.E. Msgr Diarmuid Martin
Prof. José Luis Atienza
Prof. Fr. Sergio Bernal Restrepo S.J.
Prof. Geraldo Caliman S.D.B.
Dr Angelo Caloia
Prof. Rafael Carbonell de Masy
Fr Antonio Caruso S.J.
Prof. Gabriel Chalmeta
Prof. Francesco Ciccimarra
Prof. Fr Francesco Compagnoni O.P.
Prof. Fr Umberto Betti O.F.M.
Prof. Gaetano de Simone
Prof. Hernán Fitte
Prof. Fr Guido Gatti S.D.B.
Fr Joseph Joblin S.J.
Prof. Fr Edward Kaczynski, O.P.
Prof. Fr Paul Nguyen Thai Hop O.P.
Prof. Msgr Biagio Notarangelo
Prof. Giancarlo Perone
Prof. Fr Giuseppe Pesce O.F.M.
Prof. Maria Rita Petrongari
Prof. Antonio Pilieri
Prof. Rafael W. Suarez
Prof. Fr Mario Toso S.D.B.


The Future of Labour and Labour in the Future

Second Plenary Session, 20-23 March 1996 Acta 2, eds. E. Malinvaud and M. Archer Vatican City,... Read more

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