1994-1998 Events

  • The Tension Between Human Equality and Social Inequalities

    Plenary Session 24-26 November 1994 – Saint Père, Nous présentant devant Vous, nous voudrions témoigner de ce que nous apprécions hautement l'honneur que Vous nous faites en nous nommant académiciens... Read more
  • The Future of Labour

    Plenary Session 20-23 March 1996 – The topic of the scientific part of the second session had been decided by Academicians on November 26, 1994. For short it was called: "The Future of Labour... Read more
  • Democracy

    Workshop 12-13 December 1996 – This workshop convened on December 12th and 13th, 1996, in Rome. The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace offered its facilities to host the conference. It was... Read more
  • The Right to Work

    Plenary Session 23-26 April 1997 – Over the last two years the Academy has concentrated its efforts on reaffirming the most central tenet of social teaching on work and employment, namely "the... Read more
  • Democracy - Some Acute Questions

    Plenary Session 22-25 April 1998 – The first plenary session dealing with democracy as its scientific programme is currently under way. Our preparations began with a workshop held in December 1996 by... Read more


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