Ordinary Academicians


From the Statutes

Art. 3
The Academy is made up of no less than twenty and no more than forty Ordinary Academicians and of Honorary Academicians. Upon reaching 80 years of age, Ordinary Academicians quit their task and, following a proposal by the Council of the Academy, can be appointed Honorary Pontifical Academicians by the Holy Father. Academicians are appointed by the Holy Father on the basis of their competencies in the social sciences and of their moral integrity (approved by the Holy Father on 26 June 2003).

Nomination to the Academy is a privilege reserved to the members.


  • Emilce Cuda

    Date of Birth 26 December 1965 Place Buenos Aires, Argentina Nomination 13 April 2022 Field Theology Title Professor; Secretary, Pontifical Commission for Latin America ... Read more
  • Roland Minnerath

    Date of Birth 27 November 1946 Place Sarreguemines (France) Nomination 19 January 1994 Field History, Social Ethics Title Professor ... Read more
  • Martín Maximiliano Guzmán

    Date of Birth 12 October 1982 Place La Plata, Argentina Nomination 21 September 2021 Field Economics Title Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Argentina ... Read more
  • Ana Marta González

    Date of Birth 23 October 1969 Place Ourense, Spain Nomination 30 June 2016 Field Philosophy Title Professor   ... Read more
  • Mario Draghi

    Date of Birth 3 September 1947 Place Rome, Italy Nomination 26 May 2020 Field Economics Title Prime Minister of Italy   ... Read more

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