Kenneth Joseph Arrow

Kenneth Arrow

New York, USA, 23 August 1921 - Palo Alto, USA, 21 February 2017
Nomination 19 January 1994
Field Economics
Title Professor Emeritus

Most important awards, prizes and academies
John Bates Clark Medal (American Economic Association), 1957; Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science, 1972; Second Class Order of the Rising Sun, Japan, 1984; von Neumann Prize, 1986; National Medal of Science (USA), 2004. 21 Honorary Doctorates; Doctorate "Honoris Causa" in Economic and Commerce (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan 1994); Econometric Society (Fellow, President 1956); American Economic Association (Distinguished Fellow, President 1973); International Economic Association (President 1983-1986); Member of the National Academy of Sciences; Foreign Honorary Member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences; Corresponding Member of the British Academy; Foreign Member, Royal Society (UK).

Summary of scientific research
Major research topics: social choice theory, general competitive equilibrium, inventory analysis, medical economics, economics of innovation, economics of information, economics of growth and climate change.

Main publications
Social Choice and Individual Values (1951, 1963);Studies in the Mathematical Theory of Inventory and Production (with S. Karlin and H. Scarf, 1958); Studies in Linear and Nonlinear Programming (with L. Hurwicz and H. Uzawa, 1958); A Time Series Analysis of Inter-industry Demands (with M. Hoffenberg, 1959);Public Investment: The Rate of Return and Optimal Fiscal Policy (with M. Kurz, 1970); General Competitive Analysis (with F.H. Hahn, 1971); Essays in the Theory of Risk-Bearing (1971); The Limits of Organization (1973); Studies in Resource Allocation Processes (with L. Hurwicz, 1977); Collected papers (1983-5); Social Choice and Multicriteria Decision Making (with H. Raynaud, 1985); About 270 papers in learned journals.


The Responsibility of Parents to Children (PDF) 2006

Speaking for Children and for the Future (PDF) 2004

Comment on Professor Griffith-Jones' Paper (PDF) 2001

Inequalities in Income and Wealth (PDF) 1994

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