The Council of the Academy consists of the President and five Academicians appointed by the Supreme Pontiff, on the proposal of the President, after consultation with the Academicians. Their term of office lasts five years. They may be reappointed.

In addition the following are members of the Council durante munere:

- the Chancellor appointed by the Supreme Pontiff,
- the Delegate of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace;
- the President of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Social Sciences.

These three members attend the sessions of the Academy with the right to vote. The Council assists the President in everything concerning the direction of the Academy, especially in planning the work and preparing the meetings; it receives the reports on the financial resources.

The Council meets at least twice a year at the Academy's headquarters.

The deliberations of the Academy and its Council are valid when a majority of the members are present and when they are approved by a majority of those present. In the case of parity the vote of the President prevails.

List of Presidents and Councillors 1994-2012

Professor Edmond Malivaud (1994-2004)
Professor Mary Ann Glendon (2004-2014)
Professor Margaret S. Archer (2014-)

H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Members of the Council of the Academy
Professor Pierpaolo Donati
Professor Hsin-Chi Kuan
Proefssor Juan José Llach
H.E. Msgr. Roland Minnerath
Professor Stefano Zamagni


Margaret S. Archer

Birthplace Grenoside (UK) Nomination 19 January 1994 Field Sociology Title Professor ... Read more


Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Date of Birth 8 September 1942 Place Buenos Aires (Argentina)  Nomination 5 October... Read more


Pierpaolo Donati

Date of Birth 30 September 1946 Place Budrio (Bologna), Italy Nomination 22 December 1997 Field... Read more

Hsin-Chi Kuan

Date of Birth 1 October 1940 Place Macau, PRC Nomination 21 November... Read more

Juan José Llach

Date of Birth 7 February 1944 Place Buenos Aires (Argentina) Nomination 19 January... Read more

Roland Minnerath

Date of Birth 27 November 1946 Place Sarreguemines (France) Nomination 19 January... Read more

Stefano Zamagni

Date of Birth 1943 Place Rimini (Italy)  Nomination 9 April... Read more

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